The Return of The Mummy!

It's been a long break from the blogging world for me. Lots has happened since my last post. I am now a mommy to a little boy, who is two years old! And I'm no longer the Suisse miss! Time flies when you are having fun, or as Kermit would say, "Time is fun when you are having flies" :)

The past year has been filled with loads of changes for all us, and I'm glad to say that we've all done quite well.

Being a stay at home mom has it's ups and downs. While the kids are a joy to be around, I have been feeling the need to do something for myself. I've been told time and again that I should jump onto the party business bandwagon, I've finally decided to give it a shot. And I'm hoping my blog will help me get some attention!

To show you how amaaaaazing Cheeky Mom is, I'll take you through my son's 'Goldfish' themed birthday party :) Well, it all started out as a pool party because my lil boy loves the water. But the weather was a complete spoilt sport and we had to keep the party indoors.... which wasn't too bad in the end.
The fish-in-a-bowl invitations
For the invitations, I created a fish bowl design, cut and covered them with cellophane paper to make
it look like, well... a 'fish in a bowl'.
The fishy decor
I decorated the venue (with the help of the balloon guy) to get an under water feel. The colour scheme was light blue, dark blue and orange.

Goldfish Balloons
We made these adorable gold fish out of balloons. I say we, cause I did the laborious job of creating and cutting out the fishy body parts, and my hubby put them together. My slightly tipsy sister who made a surprise entry at 11 pm was the Sherry... sorry, cherry on my cake :)

The Centrepieces
The table centrepieces were made out of buckets, balloon gold fish, ribbon and my fishy printable tags.
I created a whole lot of personalised printables for the party, including a welcome sign, food labels, food signs, kiddie food box labels, takeaway tags etc
Look who is Two!
For the cake table backdrop, I made a fishy Happy Birthday banner and handmade paper fans with fluorescent paper. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of entrance decor and the giant balloon coconut tree!

The day of the party was craaaaazy! Cart loads of stuff was transported to the venue. I watched the furniture guys (better knows as tent waalas) arrive with beaten up tables and chairs in terrible condition and completely transform them by throwing on some covers and bows! Magicians I tell u!

Fishy Princess
Crowing Glory
The party began with the kids decorating their own underwater party crowns. I created these crowns by cutting out waves from two strips of poster paper and simply gluing them together. Our little guests stuck on puffy fish and embellished them with glitter glue.
Colouring away
Face painting
The face painter/ tattoo artist, the bouncy castle and the fishy colouring sheets kept the kids busy.

To break the ice, we had a screaming rendition of row row row your boat. A good friend of mine helped me conduct the games. Thanks Lulu for being such a good sport!

The fishing pond
Since the kids were of all different ages, we kept the games simple. I made a magnetic fishing game, which was a huge hit. For the fishing 'pond' I used an old carton and some poster paper in two shades of blue. I cut out large waves and glued them on. Added some printed gold fish with googly eyes to bring it to life.

Some more fishing
The fishing rods out of sticks and string with a magnet tied at its end. I put paper clips onto paper fish and voila the fishing pond was ready. Each child got a turn to fish, and everyone took away their catch of the day ... a lighting up fish in a ball! The older boys got a yo yo ball instead.

The Catch of the Day
Inspired by some extremely creative ladies on pinterest, I ventured out to create my own piñata. It took me two days to create this fishy thingamajig!

Handmade Piñata
I used it as a backdrop for the photobooth before it played it's part as a piñata :) It was supposed to be a pull-it-open kinda piñata but I guess the nervous me, went a little mental with the sticky tape.

Pulling Strings
So it didn't exactly open when the kids pulled at the strings and some major poking and prodding was needed to empty the fish belly. The kids were quick to forget the piñata malfunction!

The birthday fishy cake design was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration...  but completely worth it in the end.
Peeping Crab
Sea Horse and his friends
My little boy playing in the sand
The full picture
I found two designs online and merged the two to create my own version. The cake was a devil's food cake, iced with chocolate ganache and decorated with homemade MM fondant. Ki, my son loved it, he kept pointing and naming all the sea creatures. Oh what joy! :)

Cutting the cake
Unfortunately, this is a case of you can't have your cake and eat it too! I had to bake a separate gluten free, dairy free and egg free cake for my super allergic boy. Thankfully, he didn't seem to notice and thoroughly enjoyed the cardboard-like cake.

The snack table included Beach balls (cheese balls), Sea Shells (potato wafers), Shark Bait (gold fish crackers), Goldfish (gluten free cookies).
Snack boxes
The kids snack boxes were packed with a mini pizza, a chicken sandwich, sausages & smilies.

The dessert table had Cake, 'Jelly Fish' - blue jelly with a plastic fish swimming inside, and Swiss Jam Rolls - made by Jean of 'Planet of Bakes'.

'Entertain@home in style' Jyoti Narang Watchmaker made the amazing Vada Pavs (Indian bread buns with a potato patty) and Chicken Khathi Rolls for the adults.
The fishing rod takeaways
The takeaways for the youngest babies were crayons in a fishy packaging, the 4-6 year olds got magnetic fishing rods and the older boys got water colour crayons in fishy packaging.

The little fish went home happy. One little boy even told his mom that the party was super but he was too shy to tell me that :)

I'm done fishing for compliments... it's a wrap!


  1. If I was grading your work this time round I would give you 100% without batting an eyelid!
    Great job Sheryl the world is waiting for your talents.Good luck with your new venture.
    Merlyn Lobo Brito

  2. Sheryl,
    Didn't know u had such a wonderful blog untill u shared it on fb. Love the creative u. Wishing u all the best.
    Suman Menezes nee Noronha

  3. I've always very secretly admired but never commented on all the stuff you've done for ur little ones (including this one)... but I have to now and say your kids are super lucky to have you as their 'enthu mum'!!!. You MUST take this up professionally.. I actually wait to see what you'd do for your kids every year!!(m not exaggerating...really!).... Great going Sheryl..Cheers!!......Sunita.

  4. I must say...the blog is as super as the previous ones. The pictures n everything, say it all. And am glad Sheryl, u decided to take it to the next level. Will surely spread the word and hope Cheeky mom makes it big.
    Also,thanks a ton for the Swiss roll credits.;-).am glad u guys loved 'em. Love n regards,Jean.

  5. The blog is as super as the previous ones. The pictures and everything , say it all. Am glad you have taken it to the next level, Sheryl. Good luck with ur new venture. Will surely spread the word and may Cheeky Mom make it big.:-)
    Also,thank you for the Swiss Roll credits. Am glad u guys loved 'em. ;-) Love n regards, Jean.

  6. Thank you Ma'am Merlyn. U made my day :) Big thank you Suman, Sunita and Jean. BTW I can also design printables for you even if you are miles away! :)

  7. Sheryl! Great to see you showcasing your creativity.... Its really impressive... All the best in your new venture!

  8. Sheryl...

    Its great to see you showcasing your creativity... Really impressive work... All the very best for your new venture....

    Chetna Achar

  9. You are so talented Sheryl...When March comes (both daughters bdays) I start looking at your profile for some inspiration. Remember last time I asked you abt the banner. U R already a professional...time to float your own company...All the best!

  10. Cheeky mom, you ROCK! What a visual treat... I can just about imagine what the kids would have done :))) really, there is a BIG business out there waiting for you!!! Gooooooooo for it !! All the best and YOU ROCK!! Love, neha

  11. Awesome babe!!! all the best to "Cheeky mom" :) u r simply amazing!!

  12. Awesome "cheeky mom" u r :) Way to go!! All the best..
    Wishing Chiara, kian & many many lovely kids such lovely wonderful birthdays from you :)


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